Yunus Emre Mosque, Almelo

Yunus Emre Mosque, Almelo

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Yunus Emre Mosque, Almelo

Walking through Almelo you see a white tower protruding above the houses on the edge of the city center. It is the minaret of the Yunus Emre Mosque. As soon as you step inside the mosque, you find yourself in an enchanting spectacle of color and light. The walls are decorated with beautiful tiles with flowers and endless geometric patterns. The dome of the main hall is colored green and a huge chandelier hangs from the center. This beautiful lamp and the pattern in the tiles are not just for decoration, they have a special meaning.

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10.00-17.00 uur


14.00-18.00 uur


12.00-17.00 uur

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Monday and Tuesday

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Discover the hidden treasures

We have selected the mosque's highlights for you. There is a remarkable story behind each one. Ask for the viewing card when you visit. It will lead you to all the highlights.

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More information

Visitors are requested to take off their shoes. There is a cupboard space to leave them.

There is no charge to visit the Yunus Emre Mosque.


How do you get to the Yunus Emre Mosque?

The Yunus Emre Mosque is a 10 minute walk from the train station of Almelo.

There is ample parking in the streets around the mosque. You can plan your trip on


Bellavistastraat 30 7604 AE Almelo