St John the Baptist, Waalwijk

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Church of St John the Baptist, Waalwijk

The church of St John the Baptist can be seen from the wide surrounds of Waalwijk. With its nineteen copper domes and tall, slender bell tower, the Roman Catholic church dominates the skyline of this Brabant town. In 1922 the architect Hendrik Willem Valk was commissioned to design the new church. Inspired by architecture he'd seen during his travels around the Middle East, he designed a church with distinctly early Christian and Byzantine features. Construction started in 1923, and two years later, in 1925, the new church opened its doors. What a tremendous accomplishment!

Opening hours

Wednesday to Sunday

1.30 PM to 4.30 PM

Discover the hidden treasures

We have selected the church’s highlights for you. There is a remarkable story behind each one. Ask for the audiotour when you visit, and listen to the stories as you wander through the church. Or take the guided tour, which will lead you to all the highlights.

Audiotour information

There is no charge to visit St John the Baptist

Audiotour 3.00


How do you get to the church?

By car

There are several parking spaces within walking distance.

By public transport

St John the Baptist is a 8-minute walk from the Waalwijk busstation 'Vredesplein'. Plan your trip at