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Discover the most beautiful Dutch churches, mosques, synagogues and temples

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Grootste Museum van Nederland

In other countries there’s nothing unusual about visiting a cathedral, a mosque, synagogue or a temple. In the Netherlands, though, many people walk past places of worship without really noticing them. Yet Dutch places of worship contain superb works of art by the finest artists and house them in splendid settings. Museum Catharijneconvent, sixteen churches and two synagogues have established the basis for this exceptional project. And now we broaden the spectrum with places of worship from various traditions and times, such as mosques and temples. Together they form the Grootste Museum van Nederland, the largest museum of the Netherlands. The hidden treasures of the Netherlands are now being unveiled for everyone to see.

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Discover the surprisingly light and open Romanesque style

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Discover this building filled with stories

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Discover the richness of Jewish culture and tradition in the Synagogue

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Discover this beautifully decorated mosque


Admire the marble sculptures in the Adelskerk

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Discover the royal Grote Kerk with the ornately painted Princes’ Chapel

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Heilig Landstichting

Be amazed by the colourful murals in the Cenacle Church

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Katwijk aan Zee

The Dutch dunes hide a very special temple


Discover a bit of Rome in the Brabant countryside in Oudenbosch

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Discover world-famous stained glass in the Church of St John

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Marvel at this beautifully painted church


You’ll find the Basilica of St Nicholas opposite the Central Station

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You’ll find the majestic Portuguese Synagogue in the heart of Amsterdam

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Discover the treasures in the Basilica of Our Lady Star of the Sea

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Discover the superb wood carvings in the Petruskerk

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Discover the hidden treasures of the medieval Dom Cathedral

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Beautiful details in the colourful paintings of the Sint-Hippolytuskerk

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The eye-catcher in the Mariakerk is the sixteenth-century organ

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Large windows, glittering mosaics and reflective materials

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Church of craftsmanship, tradition and innovation

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Like a history book, revealing all kinds of fascinating contrasts

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Discover the hidden treasures

We have selected the highlights for you in the churches, synagogues, mosques and temples of the Grootste Museum van Nederland. You will discover all these stories with the audiotour or the viewing card.

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