Al Hijra Mosque, Leiden

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Al Hijra Mosque, Leiden

Situated just beyond the historic city centre of Leiden stands the Al Hijra Mosque, which opened in 2018. Architect Hamid Oppier crafted a postmodern design for this Moroccan mosque, bringing together various elements from Islamic architecture.The prayer hall is adorned with exquisite woodcarvings, and when the sun graces the space, the warm glow emanating from the brown wood creates a serene ambiance. The artist Mustapha Boumaiz incorporated various typical Moroccan, symmetrical forms in his work, offering a special tribute to Moroccan woodcarving art. You’ll find his creations throughout the entire prayer hall, from the captivating prayer wall to the panels lining the walls.

Opening hours

Wednesday, saturday and sunday

9 AM to 12 noon

Discover hidden treasures

We have selected the mosque's highlights for you. There is a remarkable story behind each one. Ask for the picture guide when you visit. It will lead you to all the highlights. With the picture guide you will discover all the stories about this special mosque.

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The picture guide is available in Dutch, English and German.


How do you get to the Al Hijra Mosque?

By car

There is ample parking in the area surrounding the mosque.

By public transport

From Leiden Central station you can take the bus to the Al Hijra Mosque. Plan your trip on


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