Basilica of Our Lady Star of the Sea, Maastricht

Discover the hidden treasures

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Basilica of Our Lady Star of the Sea, Maastricht

Sturdy walls, small windows and dark surroundings. The Romanesque architecture of the basilica makes it a distinctive church in Maastricht. It is still largely original. You will experience the space much as people did in the twelfth century. There are several mural paintings that are centuries old, as well as painted wooden statues. The works of art each tell their own story, and legend has it that the saints who are portrayed came to the aid of people in need. There are saints who helped relieve a headache, a fever or toothache, while others protected you from fire, hailstones, floods and even sudden death.

Opening hours

Monday until Saturday

11.00 AM to 5.00 PM


1.00 PM to 5.00 PM


Discover the hidden treasures

We have selected the basilica’s highlights for you. There is a remarkable story behind each one. Ask for the audiotour when you visit, and listen to the stories as you wander through the church. Or take the guided tour, which will lead you to all the highlights.

Audiotour information

There is no charge to visit the basilica.

Audiotour €3

Free of charge with a BankGiro Loterij VIP card or a CJP-card


How do you get to the basilica?

By car

There are various car parks a short walk away, such as O.L.Vrouweparking.

By public transport

The basilica is a 15-minute walk from Maastricht railway station. You can also catch a number 7 bus from the station and get out at the Vrijthof stop, which is a short walk from the basilica. Plan your trip at


Onze Lieve Vrouweplein 9
6211 HD Maastricht
+31 (0)43 321 32 55